Taken from go-shiori/shiori

Notes to myself on how to install(or update) and deploy Shiori on Arch Linux

  • (On install) Create the user for shiori:useradd -m -d /opt/shiori shiori

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Markdown is so natural to use that I find myself using it even where it is not supported. I still don’t like some aspects of it like inline HTML, inconsistent rules and the fact that it’s not easily extensible.

I will try to present to you here an alternative that improves on those three points while still being simple to use, and maybe someday I’ll also write about how to implement a parser for it in rust.

I introduce to you Backslash Markup Language (BS Lang).

Skip directly to the CHEATSHEAT part to avoid reading unnecessary rules.


Since a lot…

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While I love programming in Elm, it isn’t really the perfect language to work with. One of the issues has been boilerplate code. I’ll write here about how I got to the mess that I’m now.

As a disclaimer, I still like Elm, and I will keep using it for some of my side projects. It’s just that it could’ve been better in some ways.

I decided to implement the front-end of a private side project in Elm so that I learn a new language along the way. I was already familiar with Haskell and I assumed that I would…

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I’ve gotten into type systems lately and I find the topic very interesting. During my 15 years of coding, I have tried to learn a lot of languages beginning with PHP and now the last one is Rust. I’ve programmed with Java, JS, C most of the time, and experimented with C++, Haskell, and Go. I ended up liking Rust, Haskell, C, and Go the most out of those.

A thing that bothers me in some of those languages (and especially in C++) is the multiple abstractions for basically the same feature. I’m talking about Pointers here.

Disclaimer: I have…

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